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Comics on Film: Ranking 2014's Comic Book Movies
As people everywhere get ready to say good-bye to the summer season, Comics on Film has reached that time in the year where we can look back on the major comics-based movie releases of the year and figure out which we liked best and which we didn't like so much. From the blockbuster releases provided by the characters of Marvel Comics at multiple studios, to the return of the Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird-created Ninja Turtles, on down through the harsh and unforgiving streets of Frank Miller's Basin City, 2014 has proven to be a surprisingly diverse year for comic book cinema. Maybe, even, a transformative one. With eight live-action comic book movies released between March and August of this year, let's get right into the rankings for 2014's comic book...
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Tyler Perry Would Have Turned Down 'Gone Girl' if He Knew Who David Fincher Was
A major player in the movie industry not knowing who David Fincher is seems impossible. Even if you've never seen the likes of Se7en or Fight Club or Panic Room, the man's received two Oscar nominations for Best Director in the past five years. Fincher is big-game Hollywood talent. If you're involved in the industry, you'd have to at least know who he is, right? Well, no. Not if Tyler Perry is to be believed. The creator of the Madea series and a seemingly endless supply of other low-budget, high-earning hits is actually in David Fincher's new movie Gone Girl, but he revealed to New York Magazine that he wouldn't have said yes to the movie if he knew who David Fincher was: "When he agreed to play Gone Girl’s charismatic defense attorney...
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The YA Countdown: New 'Hunger Games' Posters, Plus: 'The Maze Runner,' 'Frostbite' and More
Welcome to the YA Movie Countdown, our resident expert’s biweekly guide to young-adult book-to-film adaptations. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 1 With The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’s November 21 release date coming up, Lionsgate just released a brand new set of character posters. That last batch primarily stuck to familiar faces, like Finnick and Effie, but this time we're getting a closer look at some of the film's new characters, namely Katniss' camera crew, which includes Cressida (Natalie Dormer), Pollux (Elden Henson), Messalla (Evan Ross) and Castor (Wes Chatham). We also got a poster for Katniss' personal protector, Boggs (Mahershala Ali), and Gale, too. You can check them all out below. (Click on the images to...
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Is 'Acme' the Next 'Lego Movie'?
Warner Bros. may seem to be have franchise-building problems, if only because of the Justice League stuff, but otherwise the studio is doing just fine. It's continuing to churn out Harry Potter, Hobbit and Mad Max movies that we actually want to see, and recently it gave us the beginnings of new Godzilla and Lego movie series. Again, that we're actually looking forward to seeing more of. The next hopeful franchise the studio is going for is Acme, as in the fictional company from the Looney Tunes animated universe (that we've noted in the past would be a fun place to intern at). Warner Bros. is moving forward with a live-action/CG hybrid that will star Steve Carell and center on a warehouse, presumably filled with anvils and rocket-powered roller skates and...
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Here's What a Virtual Reality 'Star Wars' Video Game Might Look Like
The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset could change the way we play video games – making the VR future hinted at in so many sci-fi films a modern-day reality. While I’m not entirely convinced the technology will take off, demos like this new video from developer Kit 2 are certainly swaying my opinion in a positive direction. The developer shows off the new STEM pack, which works with the headset to provide full-motion tracking for each of the user’s hands by allowing us to live out our nerd fantasies and actually simulate the clutching of a lightsaber. The demo is not a licensed LucasArts project, but it’s not a stretch to imagine that we’d eventually see a Star Wars lightsaber game on the Oculus Rift (or Sony’s Project Morpheus) at some...
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Disney Fans Get a First Look at Pixar's Next Female Hero
What if the seven dwarfs had lived inside of Snow White's head? The next Pixar animated feature will kind of play on that idea, as Inside Out will focus on a little girl whose emotions are personified and put on display for the viewer. Her name is Riley, and the studio has given us our first look at the 11-year-old by way of a brief behind-the-scenes feature available on the Disney Movies Anywhere site (it's almost sort of hidden within a video labeled "1 Fact About Monsters University + a Peek at Inside Out"). In addition to the four seconds of Riley reading a book, looking unsure of something and then finally beaming with a joyous smile of apparent enlightenment, we also get more of those "dwarfs," as director Pete Docter (Up) likens the emotions to...
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'Captain America 3' Codirector Anthony Russo Says "Fans Are Going to Freak Out"
Anthony and Joe Russo scored a box office and critical success with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and were rewarded with directing duties for Captain America 3, currently scheduled for a May 6, 2016 release. That might seem like a long way off, but the brothers are already charged up about the possibilities for Cap (Chris Evans) and want to pass that along to Marvel fans. "We just got another incredible draft from the writers and are very excited about the film," says Anthony. "I can't divulge who is going to be in the film, but I think the fans are going to freak out when they hear about it." One hint about what's to come in Cap 3 is revealed when Anthony talks to us about the character of the Winter Soldier, played by...
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Marvel Roundup: 'Avengers 2' Images, 'Captain America' Easter Eggs, 'Black Widow' Movie Rumors, and More!
If you’ve got a burning case of Marvel fever, we’ve got the cure for what ails you in today’s roundup. We kick things off with two new (and astonishing) videos highlighting all of the Easter eggs found in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. How many are there? There are so many they felt the need to put them into two separate videos. We’re not gonna spoil all the things you’ll see in these clips, but it’s pretty safe to assume that some of this stuff will tie into The Avengers: Age of Ultron. We suspect we’ll spot even more hints layered into the film after that sequel comes out next summer. Oh Marvel, you guys are almost too clever for your own good. [via CinemaBlend] New images from Avengers: Age of Ultron Empire has...
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This Little Kid Is Your New Favorite Action Hero
When we first met Action Movie Kid back in March, he was destroying toy stores with a lightsaber and firing grappling guns out of his living room. Of course he wasn't actually doing these things -- see, his dad, Daniel Hashimoto, is an animator and special effects wizard who's managed to turn his son's ordinary home movies into epic action scenes. If only all our home movies were as exciting and entertaining as these. Thanksgiving dinner at your grandma's house would never be the same! Just in time to finish off the summer movie season with a little badass cherry on top, Action Movie Kid has returned in Action Movie Kid Volume II, which you can watch below. Naturally the sequel is bigger and better and more explosive than ever, as our favorite pint-sized action...
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Movie News: Mike Epps Confirmed As Richard Pryor (Photo); Tom Hanks to Star in Third Dan Brown Movie
Richard Pryor: Director Lee Daniels (The Butler) has confirmed via social media that Mike Epps has nabbed the role of Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic, sharing a photograph of the two along with Oprah Winfrey, who will play Pryor's brothel-running grandmother. [Instagram / ET]   Inferno: Tom Hanks will reprise his role as Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon in Inferno, based on a novel by Dan Brown. It's the third in a series featuring the character, following The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons; Ron Howard will once again direct. The new installment starts with Langdon waking up in a hospital with amnesia, yet determined to stop a madman's plan to unleash a worldwide plague. Filming is scheduled to begin in April 2015. [Deadline]  ...
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